Dan Warfield

Dan Warfield received his first instamatic camera from his father when he was eight years old and has been taking pictures ever since. His father owned and operated a camera store in Reisterstown, Maryland for many years and was instrumental in getting him captivated with photography. After a long hiatus, Dan rediscovered photography while traveling around the world in 2000 and he has continued to build his body of work ever since.

Through photography, Dan hopes to show a slice of life that gives someone pause to reflect on other peoples lives and environments. The photographs he takes attempt to express his views on the world and present his love of the craft.

Some of his greatest inspirations has been drawn from masters in the photography world like Sebastião Salgado, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier- Bresson and Robert Capa. Their work has and continues to inspire Dan to help define his own style.

Dan currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona but likes to call Austin, Texas his home. 

Dan Warfield in Cuba

Dan Warfield in Cuba

Havana Building Face

Calzado Dancing

Red Car

Cuban Bedroom

Cuban Street

Iceland Rocks

Western Wall