David Saile

David grew up on the east coast in an artistic family. Working for NASA in the late 70's introduced him to computers, where he soon learned to turn his technical abilities into various forms of artwork, musical recording and video animation. He has always had a passion for chess, and has spent much of his life working with 3D chess models in surrealistic scenes, both in animations and still art. 

Through his chess scenes he creates images to challenge the viewer's imagination.  Each work of David's represents a meticulously crafted virtual world, inviting one to step in and explore.

“Everything you see in the finished work is a snapshot of the virtual world that I create on the computer. My images revolve around the human condition, power plays, love scenes, politics, etc. They are situational microcosms of our lives.”  Once the image is rendered in high definition, it is produced in limited editions on aluminum.

"I like to inject a little mystery into the mix" he says "which leaves much to discover upon further examination". Indeed, in Dave's chess pieces, look for what's in the reflections - it may not be what you expect, or notice the positions on the board - it may be an unsolved chess problem.

Dave Saile

Dave Saile


Lady of the Knight

Fish and Bull

Forgotten Game

Gathering Forces

Golden Game