Karin Diesner

Karin Diesner came from Canada to San Francisco in the 1960's, when she began her painting career. Perhaps her best known work is "Morning Fix" which features the San Francisco Chronicle, and a steaming cup of coffee. "Morning Fix" has been recognized by former Mayor Diane Feinstein as an excellent example of the work produced by the local artist. The "Morning Fix" poster has outlasted every other poster printed since 1985. Many other oil paintings, and reproductions which are part of her repertoire are distributed around the world.

If interested in showing your work please contact me at: karindiesner@sbcglobal.net

Karin Diesner

Karin Diesner

Hyde St. Cable Car

I Washed My Dog

Blue Guitar

John Lennon

Moonlight on the Bay

Sunrise of the Bay

Morning Fix