Mary DeLave

My paintings are created with a mind to capture the fun and positive essence of life with a mix of humor, meaning and surrealism that can add an imaginative spiritual aspect to a room. 

My painting style draws on the rich traditions of Surrealism and Expressionism with elements of Cubism. These are styles that use transmutation, exaggeration and fantasy to express subjective feelings, dreams and unconscious thoughts. It is our nature to be multidimensional, so I depict multiple views and viewpoints in my work.

My creative starting point comes from sketchbooks that I have filled with drawings, dreams and scenes from everyday life. As layers of imagery and meaning evolve the story unfolds. I become witness, director, critic and disbeliever at various points during a painting’s progress. I use a variety of mediums to create layers of color and texture that give physical depth to the multiple layers of meaning in my finished paintings.

I hope to inspire people to connect to the Mystery, Magic and appreciation of life through the images I create.

Mary DeLave

Mary DeLave

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